Physical Activity

15 tips to boost your energy

We expect to feel run down when battling a virus or after an especially draining week, but sometimes fatigue sticks around a little too long. Medical conditions are one cause, but a lack of energy can often be attributed to lifestyle.

Thankfully, fatigue isn’t something we have to take lying down. Here are 15 ways experts say we can boost our energy:

Clean up your sleep routine

Will you be dancing at 75 years old?

At 75 years old, Finis Jhung may not be the oldest person on the block, but he is probably one of the most youthful.

Jhung, as reported recently by, spends most of his days teaching ballet in New York City. And this isn’t just a retirement hobby, either: he has been dancing since he was 6 years old, and decided that age simply shouldn’t slow him down from what he loves to do.