Will you be dancing at 75 years old?

At 75 years old, Finis Jhung may not be the oldest person on the block, but he is probably one of the most youthful.

Jhung, as reported recently by CBSNews.com, spends most of his days teaching ballet in New York City. And this isn’t just a retirement hobby, either: he has been dancing since he was 6 years old, and decided that age simply shouldn’t slow him down from what he loves to do.

Jhung’s work may make him unusual, but he’s certainly not the only older person who has a day job. According to CBS, in 1985, only one in ten seniors was still working, but today it’s nearly one in five.

And while Jhung is still, more than half a decade later, still enjoying dancing, many of his students are also older adults, and they are getting the health benefits of his classes.

One student, 60 year-old Donna Sanzone, told CBS that looking back, she didn’t expect to find herself dancing ballet at her age, but that she has enjoyed it.

But it’s not just the students who are larning. Jhung said he also learns from his students.

“My students, my adult students, are my inspiration. They can start to do these movements and they start to look like ballet dancers,” Jhung told the news outlet.

So if you're looking for an exercise routine for seniors, maybe it's time to think about ballet?