Physical Activity

Yoga for seniors,

Physical health is important and a great reason to start Yoga. Yoga has been shown to alleviate or reduce health issues, many linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Some of the conditions known to be improved by a Yoga practice are for example; high blood pressure, arthritis, pain, stress, poor blood circulation, difficulty breathing, to name a few, making Yoga a growing interest among seniors all over the world. You will find many benefits to a Yoga practice, from the slowing of the aging process, to a deeper awareness of your own self.

Retirement communities introduce Nordic Pole walking to fitness regime

Studies indicate 85 per cent of adult Canadians are already walking as a main form of exercise. The question is, will they keep it up? Experts at Origin Active Lifestyle Communities place walking at the top of the list of ways for seniors to keep fit, and with this in mind are taking steps to certify staff in their retirement facilities across Canada in Nordic Pole walking.