The Myth About Frail Seniors

Older adults get a bad rap when it comes to being frail, out of shape, and prone to injuries and illnesses. Age brings its share of frailty, but one thing's for sure: it's never too late.

Here are 4 compelling facts how senior can improve their health as reported in

1. Negative thinking is a vicious cycle. Refrain from sitting around and talking about medical problems, surgeries and whatnot.

2. Weightlifting is a great way to stop muscle mass loss. It retains strength with the advent of age.

3. A 1990 Journal of the American Medical Association study is significant. The test group that participated in resistance training, like weights, showed significantly greater health. They gained muscle mass and increased their walking speed.

4. Don't quit when you're ahead. Keep going. Seniors who stop their exercise program lose their strength as quickly as they gain it.

Weight Lifting is used in Assisted Living and Continuing Care Residences.