Four tips to staying healthy in retirement

Multiple studies have shown that exercise is a central component in staying healthy in retirement, but knowing how to get physically active can be a daunting challenge. To help seniors – and future seniors – prepare for a long and healthy retirement, here are four great exercises for older people, courtesy of

1/ Strength exercises- These workouts help strengthen your muscles and stabilize your weight.

2/ Balance exercises- These aerobics can be helpful in preventing dangerous falls and fractures, as they strengthen muscles in the legs.

3/ Stretching exercises- Moving your muscles slowly can help avoid pain when moving and may help with strength, as well. While stretching will not make you stronger by itself, it will help make you more comfortable, allowing you to continue with other exercises.

4/ Endurance exercises- These are activities where you make your heart work harder than it usually does, and can include jogging or running, walking briskly, and bicycling. For best results, start small, and the article recommends that beginning in five minute increments, and working up from there, will help seniors ease into the exercises.

These physical activities are good for anyone of any age, whether at home or in assisted living communities, but make sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.