Yoga for seniors,

Physical health is important and a great reason to start Yoga. Yoga has been shown to alleviate or reduce health issues, many linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Some of the conditions known to be improved by a Yoga practice are for example; high blood pressure, arthritis, pain, stress, poor blood circulation, difficulty breathing, to name a few, making Yoga a growing interest among seniors all over the world. You will find many benefits to a Yoga practice, from the slowing of the aging process, to a deeper awareness of your own self.

For your first Yoga experience, it is a good idea to try a private Yoga class. Tell your teacher about any conditions you experience and any questions you have. This way, you will learn any specific modifications you need and will feel comfortable when attending regular classes.

Another good place to start if private Yoga classes are not available is a therapeutic Yoga class, or/and restorative Yoga class. This is not only for seniors recovering from injury or illness; it will teach you awareness of your body and help further your practice. There are many schools of Yoga to choose from. No matter where you are, and which one you choose, always let your teacher know your needs.

On a more Esoteric note, Yoga Yoke Union of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Most Yogis (people who practice Yoga) dont see it as an exercise. It is a holistic experience that rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit. Yoga practice is calming and provides an opportunity to leave the outside world behind and be at peace, with a focus on our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

Pranayama, Mindful breathing: as we get older, we stop breathing fully or maybe we never learned to breathe using the entire capacity of our lungs. Yoga teaches us that it is important to breathe with awareness, to discover the magic of a full breath, bringing life and wellbeing into your entire body. Mindful breathing takes into consideration the three purposes of breathing: replenishing, warming, and cleansing. This awareness allows you to breathe fully which in turn slows down the heart and mind, increasing concentration and focus.

Yoga is non competitive and non judgmental, it is peaceful and at the same time energetic, take a deep breath, and now make Yoga a part of your amazing life.

I honor the divinity within you with all the power of my mind and all the love within my heart.