Dance team infuses retirement living with energy

Most sports teams have cheerleaders and dance teams that comprise women in their 20s and 30s, but the New Jersey Nets are luring active seniors out of retirement living and onto the court.

The Netsationals are a 60+ group that perform at the team's games, and while they do not necessarily manage the same maneuvers as

Dance team infuses retirement living with energy their younger counterparts, they are grateful for the opportunity to be active on a national stage, according to the New York Times.

The group of 12 women and one man all had to pass auditions, and their background and experience as dancers was recently documented in a film called Gotta Dance that is playing in New York City, reported the newspaper.

While the thirteen have gotten some limelight with their aerobic activity, seniors looking to add exercise to their retirement living routines may be sharpening more than dance steps.

Scientists at UNC Chapel Hill say that frequent walking, jogging or dancing helped several elderly study participants to maintain brain chemistry that resembled that of younger Americans.

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