Travel Tips

Five popular scams against 'snowbird seniors'

As the holiday season approaches, many Baby Boomers and retirees look south for the winter to enjoy the warmer climate and sunny days.

But as reported recently by AARP, these ‘snowbirds’ can be in a vulnerable position when traveling to a new location, as they are often away from their core friends, family and familiar surroundings. And when they’re vulnerable, these Boomers and retirees can be easy picking for scammers.

Saying goodbye to driving

At some point I will consider stopping driving. I am not there yet, but sometimes traveling awawy from home poses such opportunities. I recently went to Houston for a family wedding. I was told that "you could not get around Houston without a car." I had no interest or intentions of renting a car. So I took a shuttle from the airport for $23 to downtown Houston, and later realized I could take a public bus back to the airport for only $4.50.