Tips for baby boomers who are looking to travel

Traveling tips for seniors and baby boomersBaby boomers who are looking to travel but do not want to break the bank may be interested in some tips to keep costs low without sacrificing a great trip. According to, there are a number of things that boomers can do to diminish the overall cost of a vacation - especially one in a foreign country.

First off, hostels are a great place to book a bed, as these affordable residencies are not just for the young and they put the traveler right into the city they are visiting. Also, boomers should go to local markets as eating out for every meal can get pricey. When it comes to exchanging money - never do so in the airport, as the rate is extremely high, the media outlet reports.

According to AARP, it is expected that baby boomers will continue to travel well into their retirement living years, and they have already established some trends. For example, boomers have very little brand loyalty and will travel on any airline, and the majority hear about popular destinations by word of mouth rather than advertisements.