Joie de Vivre! Top Destinations to Retire by the Beach

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‘Joie de Vivre’ or the ‘Joy of Life’ is something that takes on a whole new meaning when you retire. This is particularly true if you retire by the beach to enjoy a laidback lifestyle with plenty of excitement.

If you think life after retirement means spending long days sitting indoors parked in front of the TV, or pottering in the garden waiting for flowers to bloom, then you are quite mistaken. If you are on the lookout for more excitement, and plenty of fun in the sun, sand, and surf, then retirement destinations by the beach is for you.

Be it in your home country, or in lands far away, a coastal setting offers an idyllic getaway to enjoy a carefree lifestyle, spending days soaking up the sun, engaging in thrilling water sports, and taking in heavenly sunsets. It's a life full of possibilities and new adventures that offers the chance to make new friends, or spend quality time with that special someone, sharing in the joy of life.

While the beach may be just a “beach” to some, each coastal destination offers a truly unique experience. In the Caribbean, the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize is an ideal option. Fans of ‘Temptation Island’ know the picturesque isle was used as a location for two seasons of the reality TV show. Look forward to plenty of beach side areas to enjoy life by the sea. Discover the second longest barrier reef in the world within easy reach, offering plenty of diving and snorkeling.


Spain's Costa del Sol is another top destinations to retire by the beach. The seemingly never-ending Andalucian coastline offers spots of sublime seclusion by the sea, perfect for those looking to get away from it all. Amid these tranquil beaches, there are captivating villages and towns, adding to the charm of the region’s sun drenched shoreline.

Asia also offers enchanting beach destinations for retirement exotic flair. Vietnam's Hoi An makes a good spot for retirement. This busy seaport is well known for its pristine beaches. For a break, explore the town to find ancient buildings and Chinese temples which provide rich cultural insights.

Lotus PetalConsider Thailand's Phuket, a beach destination surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. This magical island is set in golden shores, lush greenery, and awe-inspiring rocky headlands. There is a large retirement community here where one can find like-minded individuals and couples looking to share in new adventures.

Sri Lanka is known for its golden coastlines and famed for its rich culture and cuisine. It offers several beach locales well suited for those interested in active retirement living. Consider staying at the retirement village of Heritage Grove in Negombo, along the island’s West Coast, with its soft sandy beaches in a tropical paradise.