Seven Tips for Boomer Highway Travel

Boomers are a generation raised on cross-country trips across the USA's Interstate highways.

Inspired by the Beat adventures of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, the 60s generation took it a notch higher with the iconic motorcycle adventure, Easy Rider.

That was 1969 - 43 years ago. Boomers aren't up to the adventures of their role models. That doesn't mean that they can't enjoy travel and adventure. Boomers will just have to tune it down to something realistic for 2012.

In an article from EmpowHER, seven tips are laid out for Boomers longing for a road trip.

1. Give your car a once-over. Imagine it's your first car since being a teenager. Make it shiny and clean, and road-ready.

2. Make sure your car is tuned-up. This holds true especially if you haven't drove long distances in a while.

3. Travel shorter distances between breaks, and break longer. Pull off the road early and settle into a motel. No more dawn to dusk marathons. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper are distant memories. Make sure you get enough sleep.

4. Maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Keep snacks on hand and break frequently for meals.

5. Travel with a cell phone in case of emergencies. Depending on strangers for help can lead to long waits and insecurities.

6. Do research. Map out your trip, including stop-overs. Avoid disappointments. Make reservations.

7. Investigate obstacles. The Federal Highway Administration features construction and road closures. Determine rest stops and scenic areas.