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80 year-old woman fights off robbers - by throwing fruit at them

Sometimes the news is stranger than fiction.

A recent news story, published in the Daily Mail newspaper, reported that a Portuguese grocery store in New Bedford, Massachusetts was robbed by two armed thugs.


But while one of the thieves was taking money from the cash register, he was stopped by an 80 year-old woman, the mother-in-law of the owner, who started hurling fruits at him.

Video: 71 year-old Florida man shoots robbers

The video of an elderly Florida man shooting two would-be robbers is making the rounds on the internet, and while local police authorities say they will not charge the senior, some observers say his actions went too far.

On Friday, July 13, two 19 year-old men barged into an internet café in the town of Ocala with guns drawn, when 71 year-old Samuel Williams pulled out his own gun and started firing at the two attackers, who very quickly ran outside, according to an article in the Daily Mail newspaper.

Video: Is this a ghost or just an elderly woman?

Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t, then maybe you should watch the following video first.

As reported in the Daily Mail, 88 year-old British pensioner Dick Williams recently noticed evidence of badgers and animals in his garden outside his house, and decided to set up a night vision camera outside his home to capture the animals.