80 year-old woman fights off robbers - by throwing fruit at them

Sometimes the news is stranger than fiction.

A recent news story, published in the Daily Mail newspaper, reported that a Portuguese grocery store in New Bedford, Massachusetts was robbed by two armed thugs.


But while one of the thieves was taking money from the cash register, he was stopped by an 80 year-old woman, the mother-in-law of the owner, who started hurling fruits at him.

A surveillance video, posted online, shows Otilia Martins catching the two women robbing the register, and she picks up apples and mangos and attacks the men with the projectiles. The two men run out of the store, but not before one of them strikes her in the head with his gun.

The two men were later arrested, and have been charged with a host of crimes, including assault, battery, and armed robbery.

This news story comes on the heels of another senior fighting crime, where 71 year-old Samuel Williams used his handgun to shoot two attempted robbers in a Florida internet café. That episode was also caught on surveillance camera.

Clearly, these videos show that seniors aren’t just fighting crime when they see it; they are fighting stereotypes at the same time. In addition to now-famous Otilia Martins, New Bedford is also home to a number of assisted living communities. You can search them HERE.