5 Ways to Keep the Elderly Safe and Sound at Home

Many elderly are technophobic. They dislike everything technical and feel they cannot navigate the new electronic environment.

Many boomers in the USA have bought their aging parents every available gadget, only to find they are never used. igadgets, e-readers, satellite TV, fax machines, voicemail, cordless telephone, sophisticated alarm and sprinkler systems, are frowned upon by older adults, even as their children try to reduce their isolation.

Based on an article by Forbes Magazine, there are 5 ways to keep an elderly parent safe.

1. Clocks are a big problem when daylight saving begins. Many elderly are unable to reset the digital display on their VCR, stove, alarm and car. A responsible children or caregiver must help out.

2. Easy acts of replacing batteries in the TV, remote control, or computer mouse, changing light bulbs, may be very frustrating for them. Helpers -- family, friends, hired help -- need to be available every other day.

3. Make sure that alarm systems are up-to-date. Older systems can malfunction and accidentally set off the alarm, leading to apprehension that an intruder has entered an elderly parent's.

4. Never discount the obvious. A dying smoke detector battery may sound like an injured bird, and cause concern for an older parent. An understanding family member comes in handy, as usual.

5. Ensure that smoke detectors are in place and are of high quality.