Ohio volunteers help clean snow for seniors

Last Saturday, the 22nd of September, was officially the first day of autumn in North America. And when Autumn arrives, snowfall is never far behind. In fact, snow has already fallen in many parts of the United States and Canada.

And while snowfall is beautiful to many people, it can be a major impediment to mobility for seniors.

To help seniors cope with the upcoming snowfall, a group of volunteers in the Cleveland area is coming together to help make it a little easier for the state’s older citizens.

As reported recently in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, an organization called the Community Partnership on Aging (CPA) is currently seeking volunteers who can help pave walkways, taking garbage cans to the street for pick-up, as well as leaf pickup and other light assistance to local seniors.

The volunteers who spoke to the newspaper say not only do they help local seniors; they also feel good about the work they do.

“Everyone we helped was very appreciative. I know when I’m older, I would like someone to help me,” said Adam Gent, a local volunteer, told the news outlet.

Seniors in most Ohio assisted living communities, however, will likely not have to worry about snowfall and shoveling, as their community will likely take care of all winter-related cleanup.