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Swedish company invents smartphone made for seniors

The number of smartphone users in the United States now numbers over 100 million, and they include users of Samsungs, BlackBerries and iPhones.

And now, according to a recent article on technology website, Swedish company Doro is inventing a phone specifically created for seniors, and plans to create a hybrid between an advanced smartphone, and a simple cell phone, called the PhoneEasy 740.

Kinder and Gentler Gadget Use

recently came across a column by Lewis D. Diuguid in the Kansas City Star entitled "Gadgets too often stop us from enjoying life." Mr. Diuguid recounted many moments in which he found tech intrusive: a man distracted from being in the moment with his wife in the movie theater, checking emails on a smartphone; parents talking on the phone in the car, ignoring their children; board meetings where devices left open on the table make annoying noises announcing the arrival of new messages.

On the Road - Everyday Gadget Use for Boomers

I'm just one Baby Boomer and last week I was on the road up and down the east coast for graduations. In between the two graduations I attended a professional conference. I expect that my life is a lot like yours. Boomers are ever moving, whether visiting children and grandkids or traveling for fun. However, this time I was amazed at how many times I used some gadget or my iPhone to help me out while I traveled and even at the conference. Here are some of the ways I used technology: