Swedish company invents smartphone made for seniors

The number of smartphone users in the United States now numbers over 100 million, and they include users of Samsungs, BlackBerries and iPhones.

And now, according to a recent article on technology website CNet.com, Swedish company Doro is inventing a phone specifically created for seniors, and plans to create a hybrid between an advanced smartphone, and a simple cell phone, called the PhoneEasy 740.

According to CNet, the PhoneEasy 740 will feature a large screen with large buttons and an ability to increase the volume easily, and will also have a simpler user interface, meaning that even though users will be able to access the internet and download applications on the phone, it will have a much cleaner look than other smartphones.

The phone will still be small enough to put in your pocket, too – not like the gigantic cell phones of the early 1990s.

“Don't get me wrong, it won't look like any Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich handset you've seen before,” CNet reviewer Lynn La wrote.

With this new technology, more seniors, especially those with vision or hearing loss, will be able to be connected, and will be able to call and browse the internet more than they ever could before. Expect the PhoneEast 740 to be popular in assisted living communities across North America.