Cellphones may be ideal Christmas gift for seniors

It may be hard to shop for seniors who are in assisted living facilities, but Best-Mobile-Contracts.co.uk recently suggested that a cellphone may be the ideal gift. Older adults would love to chat with their families and this can be a great way for them to keep in touch while they are enjoying their retirement living.

However, cellphones should be specialized to an older user's needs.

Cellphones may be ideal Christmas gift for seniors The handset should be simple and intuitive, so that it isn't overwhelming for the first-timer. As long as it offers texting and calling functions, then it should be adequate.

The device should also offer a large keyboard and screen, because a senior's fingers may otherwise have difficulty navigating the interface. Families should also try to set up the contract and other features before giving the phone, so that older adults can simply start making calls.

Tampa Bay Online suggests that cellphones can also help seniors get involved in holiday conversations about new multimedia. Simply showing them a picture of a new dog or a distant loved one on a mobile device may pique their interest and make them more open to the idea of technology.

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