Financial Planning

Americans rank poorly in global retirement survey

Many studies have shown that North Americans have not saved enough money to last them through their retirement years, and a new report shows they are not alone.

As reported by the Fort Mill Times, a Paris-based financial services company, Natixis Global Asset Management (NGAM), found the United States ranks 19th in the world for the level of retirement savings preparedness, behind Canada (13th), Australia ( 11th), and Japan (15th). The highest-ranked countries were all located in Western Europe.

How to plan for retirement

Retirement can be a scary concept for people coming up to this time in their lives, but it is nothing to be afraid of.

It is a major change for someone who has been working all of their adult life, but once you get used to the necessary alterations you can craft a good life for yourself in your autumn years. The key is to embrace the changes that come with your retirement rather than get upset because your lifestyle is different.

Five new year tips for Boomers

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and with 2013 having only started, now is the best time for Baby Boomers and soon-to-be retirees to write up a game plan for the new year.

Courtesy of, here are five retirement tips to kick off 2013:

1/ Boost your health- Without health, saving for retirement becomes irrelevant, so start with the basics. Make an exercise plan for yourself that helps you get cardiovascular (heart) movement, and consider strength training with dumbbells.