Financial Planning

Is Retirement an Option or a Mistake?

Between the Issues
Is Retirement an Option or a Mistake?
by J. Peter Lindquist

Clark Ewald claims that he made a successful transition into retirement "by the third stoplight on my way home from work on the last day."

Not so for Peg Zarlengo. She had trouble with the transition but in time was able to adjust. "I was a workaholic and my work defined who I was. At first, I wasn't sure who I would become when I didn't have that."

Innovative Financial Strategies for Elder Care

How to Pay the Bills and Maintain Independence

There are now, more than ever before, innovative financial strategies available to free up assets of older adults that have not traditionally been liquid.

These assets can be utilized to pay for the services older adults both need and desire, providing the independence of choice and the ability to enhance quality of life in their later years. Americans are growing older in record numbers and people are living longer than ever before.