Couples fight about money five times a year, report finds

There is plenty of online retirement advice, and much of it is helpful, and can be of great assistance when retirement planning, but a new survey has found the challenge for North Americans is less about a lack of good retirement advice, and more about spousal arguments.

07-30 estate planningAs reported by, TD Ameritrade found 40% of married people said they do not trust their spouses to control their shared assets, less than half of newlywed couples have a budget, and just over one-third of married people say they know details about their spouse’s debts.

“With the median age for first-time marriages approaching 30, combining finances is not as simple as it once was,” Carrie Braxdale of TD Ameritrade was quoted by the news source as saying. “So it's more important than ever for couples to talk about their finances and work together to develop a plan.”

The survey found couples argue about money and retirement savings about five times per year, on average, and they also tend not to discuss money before getting married, unless there is a problem.

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