9 Great Perks and Discounts that Come with Getting Older

MoneyTalksNews posted a savvy article about the savings and perquisites that come with aging, including special prices and senior options.

1. Banking

A no-fee checking and savings accounts may be available for seniors which is a big advantage.

2. Drugstores

Major chains promote monthly Senior Discount Days for those 55 and over, with 20 % off all products. At the time of publication, Walgreens, W Brand, and Nice! offered these savings, but other major chains are certain to follow. Manufacturer coupons, drug store coupons, and reward points are especially designed for seniors.

3. Department stores

Special discount are available for shoppers 62 and over and some chains, and applies to all sale, regular, and clearance-priced merchandise. Kohl's offers this discount to in-house sales but not on gift card purchases or online purchases.

4. Entertainment

Seasoned citizens can look forward to movies, museums, and restaurants with the inclusion of special offers. Movie admissions can include a senior discount on the admission price and a senior special on popcorn and a soft drink.

5. Education

You're never to old to learn with any state schools offering free tuition or senior discounts. Senior scholarships are also available.

6. Legal services

Free legal services provide legal help at no cost to low-income and elderly residents for noncriminal matters. Although states vary, legal services assist seniors 60 years plus, and income is no issue.

7. Local resources

Senior centers offer social, recreational, health, safety, and educational programs to eligible people. Older adults get to enjoy many free or low-cost programs. Senior centers are listed under “Council on Aging” Vocational schools.

8. Vocational Schools

Low-cost mini-vacations are available through senior discounts offered at the local vocational school. Vacations can include a facial, a massage and and manicure for as low as $20. The glam indulgence is performed courtesy knowledgeable of students under the supervision of professionals.

Student-run restaurants can be part of the deal at senior discount levels.

9. Tax breaks

There can be a reduction on senior taxes that can come in the form of a discount amounting  to a welcomed windfall. Every state is different, so older adults need to do their research.

Tax breaks for senior homeowners are available depending on the state. Work for pay options offered by select cities allow seniors to work of a portion of their tax bill by taking a job.