The biggest retirement fears among Baby Boomers

Despite being called the ‘Golden Years,’ retirement is not always easy. The combined challenges of saving enough to live on, frequently declining health, and limited mobility can make retirement a difficult period for many people.

According to a 2010 survey from Allianz Life Insurance Company, Baby Boomers in the United States shared that their biggest retirement-related fears were a combination of health and financial concerns, with the apprehension of outliving their retirement savings topping the list,

Bomb-sniffing dog moves to local retirement home

It looks like a typical retirement party: friends and colleagues gather to toast their departing peer, while enjoying snacks and hearing speeches. But Stryker, the retiree and guest of honor, isn’t a Baby Boomer; he is turning nine years old this spring and he’s a Labrador dog.

As reported by The Seattle Times, Stryker retired last week after seven years working for airplane manufacturer Boeing, where he sniffed out suspected bombs, luggage, and abandoned bags.