The five best jobs retirees can do from home

Saving for retirement is a challenge for millions of Baby Boomers across North America, and when pension and savings aren’t sufficient to cover the expenses of retirement, sometimes a part-time job or encore career is the best choice for seniors.

Courtesy of, here are five jobs retirees and seniors can do from their own homes:

1. Direct Selling- This means selling products directly to the end users, or consumers, and it can be anything from hardware to household goods.

2. Selling on the Internet- A growing number of people are selling products online through websites like Amazon or ebay, either by selling their own unused items, or buying and selling at a profit.

3. Tutoring- With age comes wisdom, so one option is to become a tutor and offer expertise and training in subjects ranging from math to English to music.

4. Writing- Whether it’s freelance writing, or selling poems or short stories, look online to see whether there is anyone interested in purchasing your existing work, or hiring you for a new project.

5. Start a business- There can be a lot of work involved in starting a new business, but if you’re looking for a new project, this might be right for you.

Do you have any other ideas for great home-based work for seniors? Tell us about it in the comment section below: