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Giving the charitable gift of a lifetime

Often when you hear a person asked what they want to do are asked about what they would do with lottery winnings, he or she mentions giving to a charity, school or hospital that is important to them.

When asked about retirement and estate planning, however, the same person may be reluctant to commit to a sizeable donation while balancing a retirement budget and an estate plan that leaves something for their families.

What are the 5 biggest home health risks for seniors?

Falls are a leading cause of death and injury among seniors in the United States and Canada, with some studies estimating that people aged 65 and older are nine times more likely to fall than their younger counterparts, and as many as 80 per cent will have a serious fall over the course of their lifetime.

While falls have gained widespread attention among senior health advocates, the danger remains unabated, but there are ways to identify the biggest risks to seniors.