SOS - Sweet Pair of Cats Look for New Home in Retirement Community

Several years ago, we started caring for a very lovable pair of cats after their owner died. Now, we are moving and though we have to be out of our house in a couple of weeks, we have not yet found a place to go.


During this transition, we will not be able to keep our very lovable and sweet cats Kenny and Willow. This is a really tough situation and we are looking for a new or a temporary home for this sweet twosome.

Because they are older and super sweet, a few friends suggested that we reach out to nearby retirement communities in the Central New York State Area to see if they would be interested in having a sweet resident pair of cats.

All Kenny wants is love and to sit on someone's lap and purr, and once shy Willow gets to know you, she just wants to nestle in your arms and knead. Both cats are rescues, are indoor cats, and in very good health.

Kenny is a ginger and white male, about 12 years old, and Willow is a long haired tortoiseshell/tabby, about 11. They are both very affectionate and friendly. We don't want them to go to the SPCA or live in a crate or be separated. They need love and attention and have so much love to give in return.


They really are sweethearts and are just SO appreciative of any minute of affection! I am attaching pictures. If you might be interested, or know of anyone who might need some love and extra furry company, please let me know or pass along this message.

We really want to "do right" by them and it would be so great to find them a wonderful home, even if for a couple of months until we have a place to live. We are happy to help pay for their care and think that they would make the most wonderful pets for older people, being older and mellow characters themselves!

Many thanks,

Victoria Campbell & John Stetch
(607) 539 6076 (home)
(607) 200 4100 (cell)
[email protected]
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