Elder Abuse

Learn what it is and how to stop it.

Elder Abuse Video Goes Viral

A new video online has gone viral. Unfortunately, this one isn’t fake, and the people appearing are not actors. The video, titled ‘Making The Bus Monitor Cry,’ has gained four million views as of Friday morning, and shows Karen Klein, a 68 year-old bus monitor in Greece, New York, enduring 10 minutes of bullying at the hands of young students sitting beside her on the bus.

Facing a group of grade-seven boys, Karen Klein is mocked for her appearance, weight, job, and even the fact that she had a son who committed suicide in the past.

White House joins fight against elder abuse

The war on elder abuse just got a big boost.

As reported recently in the Los Angeles Times, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in a move coinciding with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Friday, June 15, announced that they are seeking public input to help them compile the most common types of abuse, as well as helping to assess the various resources available to the general public to help protect their older loved ones.