Elder Abuse Video Goes Viral

A new video online has gone viral. Unfortunately, this one isn’t fake, and the people appearing are not actors. The video, titled ‘Making The Bus Monitor Cry,’ has gained four million views as of Friday morning, and shows Karen Klein, a 68 year-old bus monitor in Greece, New York, enduring 10 minutes of bullying at the hands of young students sitting beside her on the bus.

Facing a group of grade-seven boys, Karen Klein is mocked for her appearance, weight, job, and even the fact that she had a son who committed suicide in the past.

But there’s a silver lining: Toronto man Max Sidorov, in response to the video, set up an online fund to raise $5,000 to send her on a dream vacation, but the total amount was on its way to half a million dollars by Friday morning.

The video makes its appearance on the heels of Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which fell on June 15, and highlights the reality that today, many seniors still face verbal and emotional abuse, even at the hands of small children. Elder abuse can happen to seniors whether they're living in an assisted living community, or even on a bus.

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