Elder Abuse Special: new jewelry scam targets seniors

One misconception of elder abuse is that it is limited to physical violence against seniors, but some of the most common types of elder abuse are financial exploitation and scams.

In Toronto, a new scam is gaining popularity among scammers who are tricking seniors into thinking they’re getting free jewelry, but are actually being robbed of their personal items.

According to the Toronto Star, 78 year-old Mary Domjan was recently offered a necklace by a young woman she didn’t know, and she thought it was a nice gesture, and she accepted.

However, when Domjan was distracted by the new – fake – piece of jewelry she was given, the scammer took advantage of the diversion and stole her gold chain. But she didn't realize it at the time.

“When I came home about five or six hours later … I missed my gold chain! So then I realized what happened — that she took my jewellery,” Domjan told the newspaper.

Toronto police told the media outlet that there have been at least 10 recorded incidents like this in the city in the last two months, targeting seniors, and during daylight hours.

Because elder abuse, including scams, can happen to any senior, whether living at home or in an assisted living community, both seniors and their families need to take care to prevent becoming victims.

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