Negativity won't let you be a good caregiver. Know how to beat it.

As caregivers, we sometimes encounter feelings of negativity, such as resentment, hate, anger or even fear. We might even experience mixed feelings bouncing back and forth from a negative to a positive.

Most of us don't like to admit that we can have these feelings, which may be provoked by other individuals or situations. Find time to reflect and ask yourself:

- What are some of your negative emotions that you are conscious of?

- What are some of the reasons for your negative emotions?

Warning signs of Dementia

The dictionary defines dementia as a condition of deteriorated mentality. Alzheimers, although the most notorious, is only one of many dementia illnesses which impair brain function. Furthermore, it seems that when people talk about these brain illnesses, they emphasize the word memory memory problems. But dementia involves so much more than forgetfulness.