Traveling in the summer with elderly parents

Now is the season where families will start to plan their vacations and get away for a while. It's also a a great opportunity for grandparents to visit with the grandchildren, but there may be an underlying factor to consider when Grandpa and Grandma arrive - their health. 

"Parents, especially if both are still alive, tend to cover for each other," professor of geriatric care manager Lue Taff told The Leader Telegram.

Traveling in the summer with elderly parents "But when you spend time with them [on a trip], you'll see things you haven't before."

This can be particularly helpful if one's parents are stubborn when it comes to their health, because going somewhere with them can also let you see what has changed. Nowadays, older family members may not be as mobile or energetic as they were in years past.

The pace of the trip may slow down. Families may want to consider dividing up the groups, so that granddkids can still travel at the rate they want while parents can spend more time taking in the sights and sounds of the vacation destination.

One may also want to consider whether it may be time to discuss the idea of skilled nursing services or a retirement home with parents. Experts suggest bringing up the subject indirectly by mentioning a friend who is going through a similar experience.  

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