Enjoy these 8 Cancer-fighting foods this holiday season

With Christmas coming tomorrow and New Year’s only a few days later, millions of North Americans will be spending time with family and friends, enjoying their company and feasting on holiday favorites.

But foods like egg nog and fruitcake, while delicious, are probably not the best food choices to make. For health-conscious seniors, courtesy of AARP.org, here are eight foods which are not only delicious, but which can help fight cancer:

1/ Blueberries- Along with strawberries, blueberries are a good agent against cancers of the mouth and neck.

2/ Tomatoes- If you are male, prostate cancer is a dangerous prospect, but tomatoes can help keep it at bay.

3/ Grains- Not all grains are good for you, but whole grains, as well as quinoa and brown rice, offer fiber which can help reduce the chances of getting colon cancer.

4/ Butternut squash- The beta-carotine in butternut squash is a good weapon in the fight against lung cancer.

5/ Coffee- Coffee has its fans and detractors, but it does appear to be effective against colon and prostate cancers.

6/ Grilled vegetables- When meats, especially pork, is cooked on the BBQ, it can release cancer-causing carcinogens. Instead, grill vegetables.

7/ Fish- High-fat fish like salmon are a great choice to add to your diet.

8/ Leafy greens- Vegetables like kale and spinach offer nutrients which have been proven to fight mouth and other cancers.

Healthy cooking can be a challenge for seniors year-round, especially those who don’t live in assisted living communities with pre-set meals, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you select these eight foods and include them in your diet, you can enjoy delicious, affordable and healthy foods.