Elderly cook retires after nearly 50 years in the business

As RetirementHomes.com has reported, more seniors are turning to work after retirement, and beginning their encore careers to help provide more income, a chance to spend time on favorite hobbies, or just to stay active.

Mary Clemons is a perfect example of an encore career worker. As reported in the Newton Citizen newspaper of Newton, Georgia, 77 year-old Clemons, is looking forward to retiring soon from her current role as the cook of the Newton County Senior Cente.

In fact, this would be Clemons’ second retirement. Eight years ago, she retired from her role as a cook for Newton’s school system, but quickly realized she wasn’t yet ready.

“If you enjoy what you do, you can make it joyful. I really enjoy it,” Clemons told the newspaper. “My calling is serving people and when you do what you are called to do, it's nothing hard.”

It’s a good thing Clemons is an excellent cook: she has plenty of people to cook for, including her three children, her 13 grandchildren, and her 16 great-grandchildren, who Clemons says live close and are willing to clean out her pantry and refrigerator when there are leftover foods.

Newton County is located about 10 miles southwest of Atlanta.