How technology is making seniors safer

Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are the well-known technology titans changing the world. They have delivered self-driving cars, drone deliveries, and computer watches to the masses.  But can the kings of the Internet Age defeat Father Time? Don’t bet on it.

Until Google invents a cure to aging, smart home technology is filling the void. The new range of emerging home technologies will change your life.

3 Tips for Safe Elderly Driving

Tips for Safe Elderly Driving

People’s bodies change as they get older, and it is important to take these changes into consideration when caring for family members who are getting older, especially if they are still driving. However, if you stay aware of concerns for elderly driving and use tips to keep your family members safe, they can continue to drive and stay independent.

Concerns about elderly driving

Bracing for a winter in Canada

Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere for a long time! If you aren’t one of over 500,000 Canadian snowbirds wintering in Florida, these tips could save you a costly fall.

Did you know? Falls on ice cause more serious injuries than any single winter sport. In fact, injuries incurred in all winter sports combined don't account for as many hospitalizations as falls on ice.

Video: Elderly woman escorted off train for singing

One Florida family says it is considering take legal action after their elderly year-old mother was thrown off a train for singing loudly.

As reported by, 82 year-old Emma Anderson was holding worry beads and singing hymns on board a train in Miami-Dade, Florida, when a security guard asked her to stop singing. When she refused, he forced her off the train, where she is reported to have fell and suffered light bruises.