How technology is making seniors safer

Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are the well-known technology titans changing the world. They have delivered self-driving cars, drone deliveries, and computer watches to the masses.  But can the kings of the Internet Age defeat Father Time? Don’t bet on it.

Until Google invents a cure to aging, smart home technology is filling the void. The new range of emerging home technologies will change your life.

Imagine -- a remote controlled home. Waking up to the smell of coffee. Never needing to flip a light switch. Always being the perfect temperature. A smart home learns your preferences so that everything is ready exactly when you need it. It sounds like something from Star Trek, but if you have a smart phone, you can now control your entire house from one device.

Happy seniors

The future is here. With a few smart products and a single app, and you’ll see how easy it is to make your home more accessible and simply easier (and more fun) to use. This post discusses the new smart home technologies that will change aging forever.

The Perfect Environment

Everything just as you like it – that’s the beauty of a smart home. Start your day off right when your home makes you the perfect cup of coffee and plays an energizing morning playlist. As you move around your home, the lights automatically turn on thanks to motion sensors.

Why dash to the thermostat on cold mornings when you can wake up to your ideal temperature? Smart thermostats learn what you like throughout the day so that you never have to get up to turn the heat on and off. To save energy, your home can turn the temperature down and the lights off when you leave, or for security it can make it look like you’re at home when you’re on the go.

For those with limited hand mobility or for those who simply want a luxurious experience, a smart shower adjusts to your ideal temperature, angle, and intensity. To enhance your experience, you can enjoy your favorite playlist, colored mood lighting, and aromatherapy.

In your smart home you’ll never need to fuss with the lights, shower temperature, or thermostat – everything will be customized just how you like it, automatically.

Chores Made Easy

Do you always forget to unload the washing machine? Avoid musty clothes with a washer and dryer that tells you when the laundry’s done. With your smartphone you can communicate with all of your appliances.

Your refrigerator can tell you if you need more milk and your oven can tell you that your food is ready. Getting all of your alerts on one device makes it easier to remember household tasks.

Better Home Security

Smart home security systems keep a sharp eye on your home and let you see what’s going on in your house at any time. Since you and your home have gotten to know each other, it can notify you of important events or if anything unusual happens, and you can control it all from the palm of your hand.

Smart doors mean you no longer need to fumble with your keys. Just walk up to your door and enter – your smartphone serves as your identification. Some smart doors will even open for you like your own personal butler. With no keys, locks, or handles, you can easily move about your home while maintaining privacy and security.

You set who you want your home to open for, and you can get notifications that they've arrived. And what if someone unexpected shows up as your door? Take a look at the picture your home sends to you for your approval. If it turns out to be someone you want to let in, you can unlock the doors from your phone – you don’t even need to be at home! If it is intruder, you can press your panic button to sound an alarm and summon help.

Do you tend to forget if you've closed the garage door? No need to worry about it all day – your home will text you that it closed it for you. If there is unwanted motion in your home, including doors, windows, and cabinets, an alarm will sound and you will get an instant alert and photographs so you can see what’s happening. You will also be notified of more subtle threats, including a buildup of moisture that can cause structural damage.

It’s easy to forget to lock your doors or not notice moisture buildup. Smart homes keep watch for you when you aren't home, and allow you to monitor and control your home no matter where you are.


With today’s technology you can control almost everything in your home with your smartphone. You've worked hard all your life taking care of your home – it’s time to enjoy your golden years and have your home work for you.