Baby boomers left with full homes rather than empty nests

Boomers left with full homes instead of empty nestsBaby boomers continue to change up societal norms, as they have for decades. Now that they are beginning to reach retirement age, many are still caring for their adult children and sometimes their aging parents as well, according to the Miami Herald.

"Families have always helped each other," Susan Newman, a New Jersey-based social psychologist, told the news source. "But now because of the economy, you're seeing more and more of that."

Debbie and John Miller were empty nesters - for only a year. Their children ended up moving back home with their families because they lost jobs or are freshly out of college. This has halted the Millers' retirement planning, the media outlet reports.

According to New York 1, baby boomers are changing the idea of retirement living, but largely because of financial hardships they are facing. Even though baby boomers may be caring for adult children, they also need to continue making their own plans for their golden years.