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Researcher says seniors share a distinct smell

If your grandmother ever seemed to always have a smell about her, science has just discovered why.

As reported recently in the Los Angeles Times, an article in the scientific journal PLoS ONE discovered that as people age, their scents change, and that older people tend to develop a distinct smell. Every person has a specific scent or odor associated with them, but researchers found that the smells of older people was less intense than those of younger people.

April 2012 RetirementConnect

This past Sunday, April 22 was Earth Day, celebrated around the world. According to organizers, Earth Day is meant to increase awareness about the planet’s natural resources, and humanity’s role in protecting and conserving them (see article ‘Five Tips to Live an Eco-Friendly Retirement').

This month, we feature three writers who share information about how Baby Boomers and seniors can live better, including:

1/ Cynthia Ross-Cravit from, sharing ideas about using music for Alzheimer’s therapy

RetirementConnect March 2012

Welcome to spring, and to a new RetirementConnect.

Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings, and this month we offer three articles you can use to help yourself and those around you.
Cynthia Ross-Cravit from shares 10 things we should never hide from our doctor.

Chris Bint from the Elder Technology Assistance Group suggests seniors should start playing video games more often.