Retirement home shaves head for charity

Have you ever shaved your head? Would you do it for charity? Kim Raymond, an employee at the Regency Manor retirement community in Port Hope, Ontario, near Toronto, recently shaved her head for charity at an event held at the retirement home.

According to a recent article on, Raymond, who has worked at Regency Manor for 31 years, made a bet with her employer that if the residents at the retirement community raised more than $500, she would shave her head. The proceeds benefitted the charity RAIN (Relief for Africans in Need).

Jo Harris, Regency Manor’s general manager, told the news source she was impressed the final total of $865 was raised in a community with only 25 retirement home beds, and 60 assisted living beds.

“It is pretty impressive for a small home,” Harris said.

The donations aren’t over for Regency Manor, however. They have a larger goal of $2,000 aimed at helping victims of the famine in Somalia, and they have until September 16 to reach their goal, and although they need more than double what they already have, the newly bald Raymond says they are making a good effort, and having fun in the process.

“This is a way I am reaching an item on my bucket list,” she told the media outlet.