Baby boomers turn to social media to help obtain jobs

More baby boomers turning to social networking sites to help obtain jobsIt is no secret that the economy has dramatically affected retirement plans, and some baby boomers are in need to getting a new job or a second job in order to save enough for their golden years. According to Forbes Magazine, one way that can help this generation get a job is taking advantage of social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Social media groups have become more popular in recent years, and if the baby boomers who are in need of more income utilize these sites, they can make themselves look better to a potential employer, the media outlet reports.

According to Second Act, Miriam Salpeter, a job search and social media coach, explained that if a baby boomer has a Twitter account, a blog and an account on LinkedIn, it is easy to show that they are able to learn new things and can adapt.

Once these baby boomers discover the right time to retire, they may want to look into retirement living communities. These neighborhoods can be a great place for seniors to enjoy their golden years while also keeping up with their active lifestyles.