Test out new town before moving

Seniors need to test out where they are thinking about retiringThere are many decisions to make while planning where to live during an individual's golden years. Many are looking to leave their homes and go to retirement living communities or similar places where they will be able to save more money, but people should take the time, according to U.S. News & World.

One of the most important things to do before moving to a new retirement living community is going and testing out the city or town.

"Go and spend a month at a place that you are considering, and go there during the worst time of the year," Fred Brock, author of retirement book, told the news source. "My wife and I came and spent a month in Phoenix in June. If I were going to go to Vermont, I would go and see it in February."

Also, soon-to-be retirees should check out the amenities in the area and also see if family is close by, as these can become factors later on, the media outlet reports.

According to Forbes Magazine, many developers and builders assumed that once the baby boomer generation hit retirement age, they would flock to the cities. However, it seems as if many are staying put or finding another suburban neighborhood to spend their golden years in.