Seniors love company while eating

Seniors may not eat while by themselvesAs people grow older, certain things start to become harder, even eating by themselves. According to the South Bend Tribune, when older adults are living by themselves and mostly eating alone, they are less likely to maintain healthy eating habits. Sometimes, they rarely eat at all. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is simply finding them someone to eat with.

"That gives them a reason to get out of bed, wash up and get dressed," Jeff Stuber, the owner of Home Instead Senior Care, told the news source. "It gives them something to look forward to."

Food services are another helpful idea, as they deliver meals right to the elder's door, the media outlet reports.

According to YorkRegion, one woman was really affected by the lack of company while eating, as her Italian background made her accustomed to massive family dinners. Her family decided to take her in, and she has become exponentially healthier.

Those who have an aging parent may want to think about a food service for their loved one or moving them into a retirement living community, where they will have peers to eat with and activities to participate in.