Baby boomers hit the books

Baby boomers hit the books for another degreeThe 78 million baby boomers are reaching retirement age, and they are expected to make quite a stir. A part of this includes going back to school, and obtaining a new degree, according to Fox Business.

"Students generally want to ensure that they will get a return on their investment in education and that the credentials they seek will pay dividends either through a better paying job, higher-level position or new career path," Lisa Paris, assistant vice president of marketing and communications with Peirce College in Philadelphia, told the news source. "Some older students, however, return to school for personal fulfillment reasons and to prove to themselves that they can do this."

However, their curiosity and drive to learn more during their retirement living is not the only reason why boomers are hitting the books. Many are trying to ensure that their golden years will be perfect, the media outlet reports.

Even though some boomers may return to school to protect themselves against a bad economy, as this generation retires, it may open up jobs for others, according to CNBC News. Because of the massive number of boomers, the healthcare industry will most likely boom, and will open up opportunities for individuals to find work.