Do not forget goals and values while retirement planning

Important to keep goals and values in mind while planning for retirementPlanning for retirement is necessary part of life, but it is important not to forget core values and goals when planning for the future, according to Kansas City Star.

An individual's golden years should be filled with new experiences, they should always be asking themselves what they really want out of these years, according to the media outlet.

"When I retired in 1993, I had decided that I would spend some time setting goals so that whatever I did in retirement would reflect my highest values," Lib McPherson told the news source. "I had heard too many retirees say, 'I never get to do what I really want to do because so many people continually ask me to things that I can't say no to.'"

When in the midst of retirement planning, it is important to remember to plan expenses. According to Pasadena Star News, it is imperative that soon-to-be retirees figure out what their expenses and annual cost of living will be in coming years with inflation. The annual cost of living will increase as the years go on, so it is important to plan for long-term options, including finding the perfect retirement living community.