Invention of the snore room

New snore room can make sure that both people can sleep soundlyBuilders who specialize in senior living residences, have recently begun to incorporate the snore room into households, according to MSNBC News.

These rooms are right off of the master bedroom, and can be a solution for couples who are not able to get sleep because one partner is snoring all night. It isn't just for pairs who have a snorer, but also if there is medical condition or if the seniors have opposite schedules, according to the news source.

This isn't an unpopular idea, even among celebrities. The media outlet reports that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, "Judge Judy" Scheinlin and her husband, also have snore rooms as an addition to their master bedroom.

According to the Huffington Post, the idea of a snore-less sleep is also becoming a possibility in hotels. There are currently 10 Crowne Plaza hotels in the Middle East and Europe that are trying this out. These rooms are packed with egg carton looking walls, pillows and beds designed to ensure that both people in a bed will sleep soundly.