Baby boomers believed to start eating healthier

Baby boomers starting to eat healthierIt is believed that baby boomers will be the new generation that will begin to eat healthier, and food companies have started to gear up in order to provide this hefty population with good-for-you foods and drinks, according to Fox News.

Obesity has been a growing problem in the U.S., and as boomers reach retirement, they may begin to change their eating styles as well, according to the media outlet.

"With the population aging...there's going to be money to be made selling health," Joe Derochowski, the executive director of the NPD, told the new source. "That's the driver. It's all these people 50 plus (years old). It's the boomers and the empty nesters."

The NPD is a group that has been researching and analyzing American's eating patterns for the past 30 years, the news provider reports.

According to the AARP, it is thought that baby boomers will completely redefine retirement living. They have every intention of maintaining their active lifestyles well into their golden years, so eating right may make the most sense.