Baby Boomers find their own version of Facebook

Baby Boomers sign up for their own version of FacebookBaby boomers are reaching retirement age, and it is believed that this large population will have a different outlook on retirement living as they maintain their active lifestyles. Now, to take the argument to another level, baby boomer memberships for the social networking site, has tripled in the past month, showing that not only do these boomers want to take part in a different lifestyle but they also want to take technology with them.

"The rapid growth since our launch earlier this year confirms the interest in a social website for Baby Boomers and seniors," said Ronald Mercier, creator of the website. "The interest goes far beyond just socializing, it also confirms members are seeking interest groups and activities targeted for their age group. We are introducing content contributors to the site who will discuss topics and form interest groups for the members. Our goal is to get our message out to this population in as many ways as possible."

The website is free to sign up for and once individuals are registered, they are able to navigate around the site, build profiles and talk to other boomers.