New retirement community opening up in Ohio

New retirement community opening in OhioAs the 78 million baby boomers start to reach the age of retirement, they may want to start thinking about the perfect place for them to live out their golden years. There will be a new retirement living community and physical rehabilitation clinic opening up this fall in Athens, Ohio, according to The Athens News.

The 53-acre community is full of different amenities that provide a wide range of activities.

"We've got assisted-living apartments," project director Bill Bias told the news sources. "It is a beautiful section of the building that is totally separated from the nursing care. They have their own dining room. They have their own meal service, and all of that. It's quite a beautiful place. I don't know of any in Columbus that compare to this kind of facility. It is absolutely state of the art."

According to The Record Redding, the baby boomers are changing the way people think about retirement. This may possibly be the reason that these new facilities have a lot to offer.