Exercise offers a range of benefits throughout life

Exercise can help brain function in older adultsA new study, which is published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, found that the increase of physical activity can help brain function for everyone from childhood into later adulthood.

The study showed that older adults who participate in exercise and active lifestyles can enhance their cognitive abilities and brain function, helping them remember more.

"It is increasingly prevalent in the print media, television, and the Internet to be bombarded with advertisements for products and programs to enhance mental and physical health in a relatively painless fashion through miracle elixirs, computer-based training, or gaming programs, or brief exercise programs," said the authors of the study. "Although there is little convincing scientific evidence for such claims, there have been some promising developments in the scientific literature with regard to physical activity and exercise effects on cognitive and brain health."

Individuals who are looking to retire in the next few years may want to think about finding an independent living community that has sports and other activities that require physical endurance in order to keep their brain function intact.