Tough decisions when it comes to the golden years

Tough decisions before entering the golden yearsRetirement used to be a simple concept - reach a certain age and live off the company's pension - now, it is entirely different and there are certain questions and decisions that individuals need to think through before enter they enter their retirement living age, according to the Globe and Mail.

The first is deciding when to pack it in and set sail for the golden years. This is touchy because it is important to not have debt but it is necessary to establish the best time for the individual. Where to settle down is another decision, whether it is a retirement living community or just staying at home. Also, overall budgeting is another tough process to go through, the media outlet reports.

According to, it is not only these decisions that are making retirement change, but also the mindset of the baby boomers who are starting to turn 65 years old. These boomers have every intention of keeping up with their active lifestyles as they enter their golden years.