Caregiver turned to radio to offer advice

Former caregiver offers advice on radio showCindy Laverty ended up providing home care to her aging father-in-law before she took the time to really think about it. She now offers advice through her radio show, and a book she just wrote, for other individuals who are going through the same thing, according to the Studio City Patch.

Laverty was asked to make sure her father-in-law took his medicine, and also paid his bills. These two steps became more important as time progressed, and Laverty said she was not prepared, according to the news provider.

"Doctors can't tell you how to manage your life, the life of the person you're taking care of, how to manage the emotional, the spiritual, the physical - they don't do that, that’s not their job," Laverty told the news source.

As a result of her experiences, Laverty decided to discuss her own retirement living situation with her daughter now. Rather than having her daughter make tough decisions for her, everything is outlined for the daughter to access later in life, the media outlet reports.

According to Fox News Las Vegas, one of the most important parts of taking care of a loved one is to make sure the caregiver keeps themselves happy and healthy as well.